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…DIVE into December…

…DIVE into December…

For the final time for 2021, it’s goal setting time. If 2020 was the year that was 300 years long, 2021 was playing catch up and seemed to race by. These monthly mini goals have been super helpful in keeping me on track, even when things went a bit wonky out in the wider world over winter. It’s December! Pass the candy canes, and turn up the carols, and let’s plan some adventures this month.

ACTUAL REAL LIFE CHRISTMAS CARDS: At Saturday’s wedding, we were all lamenting how much we missed Christmas cards. Once I stopped moaning about all my aching everything (seriously, I am far too old be be boogying into the wee hours), I decided that was something really easy to fix – I would send some! I have a pile already made from previous years, and if need be, I will make more. Snail mail come at me!!

ALL THE THINGS: Christmas is for crafting! I listed out a heap of plans yesterday, and then this morning sat down to do my page, and realised I’d forgotten my daily bible journaling! I also have a dress to make for me, for a dress up party next week, and the children’s christmas outfits (and matching masks!) to make. I also have a 12 Day gifty calendar to finish and post, plus whatever other craziness I dream up over the next few weeks.

JOY & MAGIC: I LOVE Advent, and I plan on soaking in each and every moment. I have a class to teach this weekend, and a wedding to photograph next weekend, but aside from those, I’m all about the kids and the craft and anything even vaguely Christmassy,

It’s busy. It’s crazy. It’s Christmas! Hello December, let’s DIVE in and finish out the year with a bang

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