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…DIVE into June…

…DIVE into June…

I have missed the last couple of months of setting micro-goals at the beginning of the month to keep me focused on my word for 2021 – DIVE. I have in, in many ways, still managed to DIVE into what life has thrown at me, but there is something delightful about choosing to DIVE intentionally into a pool of uplifting, focused activity, versus having to DIVE under the waves of life. When I chose DIVE as my word for the year, I didn’t fully appreciate what it would mean when I said I could DIVE under waves of life happening around me. I didn’t expect to dive into grief at the loss of a beloved patriarch. I hoped house selling would be a process I could skim over, not DIVE, over and over, through the ebbs of stress and disappointment. I most certainly didn’t expect to have to DIVE into the depths of mice control (because drought, fire & flood weren’t enough, let’s chuck in a mouse plague as well?). And yet, DIVE I did, and slowly, slowly, I am coming up out the other side. The house sale is in it’s final stages. Grief is softening into an ever-present ache, not a sharp, intense reminder of loss. The mice. Oh man THE MICE. I’m just hoping the cold of winter takes care of them.

In amongst all that, though, I managed to DIVE into Me Made May with great gusto. It does feel a it strange to be posting goals for the month after a whole week of June has already passed, but on the upside, we still have three months to go, and so. Here we are. 3 mini goals to DIVE into for June.

*I want to DIVE into regular blogging – I’ve gotten very hit and miss again, and I miss it. I may not have a huge audience, and it may feel very much like screaming into the void a lot, but I do appreciate having a record of my crafting and tiny snippets of life. I also want to write some meatier posts that I have floating around in my head, that I haven’t yet had the courage to put out into the world.

*I want to DIVE into reading – after a strong start to the year, I’ve slacked off. In June I would like to read a book a week

*I want to DIVE into screenprinting – my beautiful family gifted me a kit for mothers day, and almost a month on, I haven’t touched it beyond reading the intructions (see paragraph one about having to DIVE under life and not into adventure!)

Three teeny tiny goals, that will fill my cup, and still feel doable. Come at me, June, I’m ready to DIVE in.

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      I REALLY LOVE your word for the year! In my younger days (I’m currently 65 years old), that word would’ve described my life very accurately. I was a busy mother of 8 children & always seemed to be “diving” into & under everything that life was throwing at me. Before taking early Retirement due to ill health, I loved my job as a Medical Receptionist & looking back now, I don’t know where all my time & energy came from. But, I can now make time for most of my favourite pastimes & Hobbies & one of my most important intentions, is Goal Setting & Daily Journalling. I would really like to have a cracking at Blogging, but I don’t have the foggiest idea where or how to begin. Any & all suggestions would be most welcome. Warmest Regards, Zoe 🙂

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        Thank you for your sweet comment!! 8 children would certainly keep you diving – I only have and don’t work outside the home, and I sometimes feel I only come up long enough to catch my breath before diving again! Blogging is such a fun hobby, I’ve been doing it since 2008, and have had various side blogs along the way, I love it that much! I would suggest starting with one of the free platforms – either blogger or wordpress (I personally prefer wordpress), pick a free theme, and start writing! Over time it becomes easier, and then you can start playing around with fancier themes and the like. If you decide to give it a crack, pop back and drop a link, I’d love to have a read!

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