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…DIVE into March…

…DIVE into March…

Another month down, and we roll on into March – a month of strange anniversaries as we mark a year since The Before. It’s odd looking at memories on insta and facey, and seeing how normal things felt, even for being just two weeks out from our first lockdown. Thankfully, a year on, life is getting back to normal. If you had told me at the beginning of the year what was to come, and specifically, exactly how many projects I would finish over the coming weeks and months, I think I would’ve laughed.

And so, with the tentativeness 2020 taught us to approach goals with, I set the following goals for March:

*SEW FOR ME: I have been doing lots of sewing for Miss10 lately, while my “sewing for me” list is growing by the day. In March I intend to sew more for me, ahead of starting winter sewing for the children. My main goals: a pinafore dress, a bra, and two pairs of knickers.

*BOOK MAKING: While hunting for something else in the container, I found a pile of book covers I had prepped and never bound. This month, I plan to bind up at least three books, including attempting some new techniques to expand my skill set

*REGULAR PROCREATE TUTORIALS: Now my iPad is working again properly, I am having a blast playing with digital art. To keep me learning and growing, and on track to complete 21 tutorials this year, I have set myself goal to complete regular tutorials, at least one a week.

A big part of goal setting, of course, is accountability. When it comes to my February goals:

*100 Days Project: epic epic fail. Plan A didn’t work, plan B failed to capture my attention so completely I didn’t even blog it. We’ll call this one a bust

*Read three Australian books: In February, I read The Dry, as well as What Does It Feel Like Being Born, and started The Days The Lies Began on audible. So not a fail but not a clean finish either.

*Learn to sew lingerie: My first lingerie kits arrived from Pitt Trading, and they are so pretty! To ease into the skills needed for lingerie, I started low key – I made a crop top for Miss10, which fast became her favourite, followed rapidly by another two crops, and then a pair of knickers. I’ll call this one done, and continue to sew underwear for Miss10, as well as make a start on my own delicates this month.

I’m quite enjoying this monthly goal set and reflection process! I’ve also been doing the same thing on a broader lifestyle scale, as part of my other blog/insta. Like my February goals above, I don’t always succeed, but I find it’s a good nudge in the right direction when I’m feeling a bit listless and in a rut.

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