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…DIVE into October…

…DIVE into October…

It’s October! The most ambitious month on the blogging calendar…yep, it’s BLOGTOBER TIME! That was the easy one to add to this month’s three focus areas. To be honest, all that real life in September means I’m still working on two of those three items as well, but I wanted to include some new items. I also have a couple of projects I’m working on behind the scenes, that I can’t share publicly yet, so it’s going to be a big month!!

GOAL ONE: BLOGTOBER. I plan to blog every. single. day for this whole month! It’s always a big undertaking, but also a great record to look back on each year. 31 days. 31 posts. Oh, and of course at least one post a week over on our podcast blog.

GOAL TWO: DAILY PROMPTS. As well as daily blog posts, I’m planning to join in Lacelitober again and complete…something…each day, based on Kimberley’s 2021 prompt list. I’m also planning to join in 31 Minutes for 31 Days again, working each day on an existing project.

GOAL THREE: KIDS CLOTHES SEWING. Miss10, in particular, is growing at a rate of knots, and being tall and skinny, finding clothes for her is becoming increasingly hard the older she gets, so I’m going to spend this month filling up her wardrobe with mummy made goodies.

Then, of course, I still need to finish my own spring sewing from Septembers list, and I almost got the blanket finished I was hoping to, so I’ll keep going on that too. We’re back to school next week so it could be interesting to see if I can actually make any of these goals happen. Nothing like a bit of overcommitment to keep things moving along, I guess?

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