dolls quilt swap.

I opened the door, and the tube I hadn’t noticed rolled gently toward me. Could it be? I picked it up, spinning it until the address came into view. It was. I raced to the kitchen, pulling the end off the tube. Gently at first, I pulled the tissue paper away before ripping the final piece. and unrolled before me was a delightfully cheery little dolls quilt. “Can I use it to tuck Pooh Bear in, please, mama?” says five year old Bear. “Squark!” says 14 month old miss Butterfly – the meaning made clear by the wildly gesticulating arms and grabbing hands. “Meh” said {implied} three year old Bubba Boy. “Rack off hairy legs” said a mama keen to keep this beautiful artwork to herself! Thanks so much Helen, I love it!

“I know, mummy, I’ll sit in the chair and you can put the blanket on me for a photo, ok?”

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