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easter in review

easter in review

The cupboard is slowly emptying of chocolate, the sugar crashes are in full swing, and Easter is done for another year. Funnily enough, I think we were craftier when we had a smaller space and limited supplies than we were this year.

In fairness, Holy Week, normally jam-packed with fun and crafts was interrupted by dentist appointments (Monday) and hair appointments (Thursday), plus cleaning for visitors as we prepared to host our first Easter in the house, and wrap up the first block of school for the year following our trip to Brisbane. We did managed to get a bit done though – watercolour collages, natural egg dyeing, our annual tradition of cheesecake easter eggs, and some super yummy hot cross buns.

Of course, with a four day weekend, there are going to be shenanigans of the ministerial variety. For the first time since 2019, we chose not to do our annual bingo challenge. Life has been a lot for us both these past few months, and running a multi-day-multi-project event for our fabulous podcast community was more than we had energy for. Instead, we decided to throw it back to a 2013 challenge: totally pinspired. I suggested it a month or so back as I fell back in love with Pinterest, and then Car threw in the twist – a pinspired scavenger hunt. She came up with the prompts. I threw our logo into Procreate and easterised our blobs. 8am Good Friday, we were off and racing for four days of crafting through four prompts.

As much as I’d been looking forward to a calmer weekend, as reinvigorated as I felt coming into the long weekend, I also felt…at a loss, I think, to not have the framework of Bingo to keep me bouncing between projects and making all the things.

I did cast on a new scarf with my handspun yarn. I cooked crumpets. I made super cute easter bags. I contemplated a new weaving. In between, we hung out with family and I binged all of Prosper on Stan and finished The Bookbinder of Jericho and made progress on my audiobook. We got the fishpond going and we went for a walk and we slept in and we chilled on the deck. But the weekend lacked a certain manic making that has come to mark Easter shenanigans, and I’m not sure I loved it.

The lesson, of course, should be that I need to reassess my relationship with rest, productivity, and hustle culture. In reality, the lesson I am taking away, is I need to start working on next years bingo card already.

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