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March has been and gone, in a whirlwind of quilts and crochet and books and school work and school break. I’ve held reasonably well to my March goals. I managed to keep my scrolling to a minimum, and aside from a wee bit of a Bridgeton mini binge the last few evenings, I’ve stuck to my desire to avoid regular binge watching of an evening. I’ve managed not to start a single thing all month, and instead finished a blouse, a quilt top, a blanket, and of course, in line with my third goal, a whole stack of books – twelve, to be precise.

And so comes April. The change of season is heavy in the morning air. We’ve cut our first load of wood for the season, and just wait for the perfect opportunity to light the first fire of the year. We’re back to school, and trying to find our autumn rhythm. It feels a month of potential, of progress, of plenty of moments full of craftiness.

And of course, with a new month? There comes new mini goals!! I struggled, this month, to try and select three focus points. I feel rather…unfocused, full of non-crafting, non-blogging priorities. Priorities which I need to EMBRACE, a season to EMBRACE, but also a reminder I still need to EMBRACE the fun goals as well.

EMBRACE WINTER CLOTHES PLANNING: The crisper air has me reaching for warmer clothing, and my mind is filled with the upcoming Me Made May challenge. Last year was super productive sewing wise, and helped me fill quite a few gaps, but there are a couple more items I want to add. A couple of pairs of leggings, and a jumper or two, mainly. Another long skirt. I wouldn’t mind trying to squeeze in a pair of trousers also. With my Lent goal of not starting anything, I will only have half a month to get organised, so we will see! I still have a cardigan in progress to finish knitting.

EMBRACE NEW CLASSES: I am running down to my next Crafty Monkies deadline. April is all about prepping the footage for my upcoming VIP month, and I’m super excited by the project I have planned to share for that. How, exactly, I’m going to manage filmed multiple hours of footage in a tiny house with four children and no craft room, is going to be an adventure for sure.

EMBRACE BIG PROJECTS: strangely enough, when one isn’t obsessed with chasing the shiny new projects, one has the head space for ideas. Big Ideas. Obviously I can’t actually start the two projects that have caught my imagination the last few weeks, but there is lots of planning and note-taking, so come the second half of the month I can dive straight in.

In between all that, there’s also a new season of the podcast that kicked off on Friday. Editing and blogging and prepping is keeping me busy. We are taking an art journal class for school, which the children are loving. The next weeks are going to be mixed up with three short weeks in a row, between the Easter long weekend and Anzac Day long weekend. I’ve got plenty of new-house adulting to keep my mind busy. Some fun creating that doubles as school is just what the doctor ordered. For them, and for me. Come at me April, let’s EMBRACE whatever craziness it brings.

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