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What a month May was! Daily selfies and a full focus on wrapping up season two of the podcast left little time for crafting. I also had a video class due, and wrapping the final chapters on that also took a decent chunk of both time and headspace after my camera let me down and lost half my footage. It meant there wasn’t really a lot of crafting time, besides keeping up with my stitch along, and finishing a quilt (hooray for finishes!!).

June is a tricky month for us – it’s end of financial year, which means a busy seasons, and that time of year I only know another adult lives here because the other side of the bed is messed up and someone has eaten all the chocolate biscuits (ok, fair disclaimer, the chocolate biscuits thing is actually me). I’m keeping my mini goals simple this month.

CLEARING WIPs: While I haven’t finished much, I’ve started a few things, and it’s all starting to build up. This month I want to cast off a cardigan, finish a pair of leggings, and sew a dress. I want to keep up with my stitch along, and repurpose an abandoned WIP. I also have a mini book I want to fill and finish by the end of the month.

AUDIOBOOKS: Inspired by a conversation last night, and a lack of options on our five (!!) streaming subscriptions, I want to get back out of the habit of tv during my evening crafting and back into audiobooks. I generally have a couple of hours of an evening where everyone aside from me is in bed, giving me plenty of time to power through both projects and stories.

THIS SEASON OF LIFE: It’s busy. It’s cold. I’m in the depths of house decisions and signing contracts and locking in start dates. I want to slow down and steal moments of creativity when I can. I want to EMBRACE daily list journaling and bible journaling, regular blogging, regular connection. 30 June is coming and with it, the promise of an early July break. Holding tight to the good and riding out the hard.

Almost at the half way points. There’s budgets to prep and audit programs to write. Monthly meetings to tick off. Lists and numbers for days. I’ll be nice to you, June, if you play nice with me. Let’s do this!

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