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When I set my April mini goals, I mentioned in my post that I found it hard, and felt unfocused. With April done and dusted, “unfocused” could have been the word for the month. The two long weekends and three short weeks definitely didn’t help. I did zero clothes sewing to prep for winter. I’m behind on the new classes. I didn’t touch the new projects I was excited about. Here’s hoping May is more focused and less fuzzy!

It was slightly easier this month to pick my mini goals, mainly because I’ve got a whole lot going on! In May, I will EMBRACE

*ME MADE CLOTHING: Well this is a no brainer, isn’t it? It’s Me Made May, of course I’ll be wearing me made stuff! I do hope to plug a few gaps in my collection over the next month.

*MOCS season two: we are into the tail half of our podcast’s second season, and trying to work out what comes next. The current plan is to finish out the season well, and then once we’ve wrapped up, and gotten some distance, we’ll see how we feel about a season three.

*CONSISTENT CRAFTING: April was such a stop-start-sprint-stop month, and I’m definitely feeling the effects of dropping my pre-easter habits in favour of binging and scrolling. This month I want to make a concerted effort to get back into small steps every day.

The new house build continues to consume the majority of my headspace, and that way madness lies. Instead of stressing about it, this month I am going to lean into self-care, in all it’s forms. Sometimes it is a cup of tea and a book instead of folding washing. Sometimes it’s spending half my Sunday planning lessons so I feel more on top of things. Sometimes it’s an early night, and sometimes it’s staying up far too late getting “just one more row” knitted. If I remember that, the mini goals above will take care of themselves. Or that’s the theory at least. Here’s to a month of grounding and focus…here’s to May, and learning to EMBRACE the waves of these crazy times.

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