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…EMBRACE September…

…EMBRACE September…

Hello Spring! There’s something magical about turning the calendar over to September, and starting a new season afresh. The wattle is bursting with glorious colour. The days are warming up, with the breeze whispering all kinds of potential adventures. I can feel my shoulders drop and relax, the winter blues melting away. The rut I’ve been pushing against for weeks has been replaced with a spring cleaning list I am actually looking forward to diving into. There are birthdays to celebrate, and fathers to honour. Wedding anniversaries to mark. Chicks to incubate and hatch. The final wood cutting weekend, and the first firepit. I have my favourite shorts washed and ironed and in the cupboard ready to inflict my radioactive-white legs on the world.

Spring is my absolute favourite season, and the first week of September might possibly be my favourite week of the entire year. I’ve been feeling it coming since Monday, and today as the season turned, so too has my mood. I’m motivated and energised. The project ideas are flowing. Already this morning I have cut five items, and will be picking up supplies for another three while I’m in town this afternoon. I’ve got the back door thrown open with the sun streaming in. Absolutely glorious.

And a new month? That also means new goals.

SPRING CLEANING – tis the season to scrubadubdub. It’s a reduced list this year – our house build kicks off in a month or so, and we will be in the new house around easter. Once we move I will need to do a full clean again to close up the cabin until it’s needed as a guest house, so I’m just doing a mini clean. It will still be nice to have things neat and sparkling again. I have my list, I have my mojo, it’s scrubbing time!

SLOW STITCHES – I’m still knitting away, but am missing an easy school table project. To fill the gap, I’m considering starting an EPP quilt. The Warm Hearted quilt from Tales of Cloth has caught my eye as something cute, but also simple and flexible enough to sort out the actual layout down the track.

EATING MY BODY WEIGHT IN CAKE – It’s birthday season!! We have four birthdays in the next five weeks. The menu plan basically consists of takeaway, leftovers, and cake. Oh, and waffles for breakfast. What is balanced eating? I do not know. I also refuse to feel guilty about it. The sugar rush will help fuel me through the multiple sleepless nights incoming!!

I am completely and utterly buzzed on the joy that is the first day of spring. I’m leaning into the mojo rush and making the most of it while it lasts. My to-do list is a full page long today, and I love it. Hello September, let’s make some magic.

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