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…EMBRACE the new year…

…EMBRACE the new year…

The last two years, my word has come to me, almost on its own. This year, not so much. I’ve got a bundle of things I want to work on, and projects to focus on, and no matter what word I played around with, nothing seemed to fit it all. I felt a bit of pressure to come up with something good, since the last two years words have just worked so perfectly. What on earth could fit another year full of unknowns and uncertainties quite as well as RISE & DIVE had served me

It all came together for me on Monday, as I sat on the tractor, driving the spray rig as we sorted out the blackberries in the front paddocks.

I didn’t want to PUSH my comfort zone with a self-focused weekly project. I didn’t want to RELEASE criticisms I’d held on to for far too long as part of a weekly art project.

I want to EMBRACE what this year has to offer, come what may.

I will EMBRACE me, in the year I turn 40, with weekly self-portraits

I will EMBRACE the little moments of magic in the mundane with a daily photo project

I will EMBRACE imperfection and growth with weekly charcoal drawings

I will EMBRACE uncertainty and mess and frustration that comes with house building.

I will EMBRACE another year of having my babies close and homeschooling.

I don’t know what the year might bring. On this first day of 2022, I look at the news and I can barely think about what the week might bring, let alone 52 of them. I do know there will be hard and worrying parts. There will be stumbling blocks. There will be doomscrolling and screaming into the void. But equally, there will be chances to EMBRACE the yes, when a no would normally come automatically. Moments to EMBRACE the blessings of the present. The choice to EMBRACE joy. EMBRACE new projects. And hopefully, hopefully, come October, I might be able to EMBRACE my crafty crew. Dare we hope this is the year we finally get back to quilt camp.

Here’s to 2022. May we all EMBRACE the good and joyous moments we can find, whatever else may come.

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