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EMBRACE the year that was

EMBRACE the year that was

I’m not quite sure, really, how to sum up 2022. It’s been a year where I have had to EMBRACE the silver linings of hard moments. I’ve joyously EMBRACEd the little moments of magic. I’ve worked to EMBRACE a whole lot of personal growth, and EMBRACE the end of my fortieth trip around the sun.

I’ve been inspired to EMBRACE new hobbies. 2022 also saw me EMBRACE reading at a pace unknown to my adult self (but still far behind what my teenage self would consider respectable). It’s been a year I’ve learned to EMBRACE my quirks and the way my brain works, not fight against it in some twisted and hopeless pursuit of normal. At forty, I have learnt to EMBRACE that I work best in ebbs and flows of inspiration and hyperfixation, and that’s ok.

I came into the year, ready to EMBRACE the madness of house building, and yet I sit here, writing a third end of year post in our cabin. The process has been even more frustrating than I could have imagined, and I think I might cry, nine days from now, when the earthmovers arrive to finally, finally, break ground. Tiny house life has been an adventure, but our set up was designed for 12 months, with all our children 13 & under. Three years on, two children are taller than me, and a third not far off it. We would have set up very differently, had we have known.

I’d been ready to EMBRACE whatever the third year of pandemic life could throw at us. I thought that would mean continuing to wear a mask (which we did) and making wise choices (which we did), but I didn’t expect it would mean two seperate rounds with the plague within four weeks. I certainly didn’t expect to be in iso until Christmas Eve Eve.

I wanted to EMBRACE yes when I would normally say no – still a work in progress, but something I’ve improved on. I failed at my ongoing projects, but letting go instead made space for things I enjoyed doing in that moment, allowing me to EMBRACE the present. One of the bitterest pills to swallow, was for the third year in a row, I couldn’t EMBRACE my quilt camp crew. Maybe 2023? We’ll see.

I acknowledged, 364 days ago, there would be doomscrolling and screaming into the void. There’s definitely been plenty of that. But I also came into the year with hope, and when I look back, I’ve found it. Looking back, 2022 has felt hard in a way I didn’t expect it to. But it’s also felt good, in ways that felt almost normal. Looking back over the past year of blogging and podcasting, I’ve certainly chosen to EMBRACE crafting and connection and content as a form of therapy and healing. This was the year we came into our own as podcasters. The year I was thrilled to see Blogtober return as A Thing in the blogging community. The year I started a newsletter. The year I continued to EMBRACE monthly goal setting and make it a habit.

Most of all, I have been blessed to continue to EMBRACE the ones I love, whether it’s with an actual hug or a virtual one. I got to go to the big smoke, and EMBRACE friends from my earliest school days and the early days of my faith journey and the early days of motherhood and creativity as an adult. To have these friends still by my side and willing to make time for me in their busy lives is a true joy.

EMBRACE was the perfect word, I think, for 2022. Here’s some of the fun ways I’ve chosen to EMBRACE the things that bring me joy over the last year.


January – MOCS Stream Of Consciousness journal
February – expanding my lingerie sewing skills
March – learning to sew swimmers
April – finishing the Icecream Waffle crochet blanket
May – finishing my rainbow crosses quilt
June – a fun winter dress I’m obsessed with
July – one of my favourite Cricut projects yet; a cake topper for my mum
August – a big month for making but I think my patchwork Maker Tote for my knitalong was my favourite
September – another hard pick, but I’m going with this Ode To A Crafter
October – Portrait Of A Pandemic
November – learning to spin yarn of course!
December – visible mending of a me made pottery platter


#1 – As always, my reusable shopping bag pattern and tutorial remain one of my most popular posts, with over 20,000 (!!) pins on Pinterest!
#2 – Another tutorial – a tea wallet. Always popular at this time of year, with a new boost thanks to a recent make I shared.
#3 – And at number three – a tutorial to make an Ergo style carrier for dolls. This is one of my favourite gifts to make for little people who love playing babies, so I’m not surprised it’s the most popular.


#1 – Season 2 Episode 1: How The Pandemic Changed Our Creative Habits
#2 – Season 2 Episode 9: Instagram vs Reality
#3 – Season 2 Episode 8: On Blogging


And so ends another year. I’m stepping lightly into 2023, holding my breath, hoping for the best but with my best pivot shoes on. Thank you so much for being here this year. Connecting with you in this space, on instagram, with the podcast, via the newsletter, it brings so much joy and depth to my creative time. I am so very thankful for you, and this space, to keep me grounded, keep me creating, keep reminding me to EMBRACE the little moments of wonder in each day. Happy New Years, friends, have an amazing night.

One of the favourite things I chose to EMBRACE this year is a monthly newsletter. I share recent favourite blog posts and podcast episodes, things I’ve found that are inspiring me, a peek at what I’m reading/watching/listening to, and a little almost-blog-post, sharing some thoughts that don’t make it to the blog. If that sounds like an easier way to follow the blog without checking a feed reader, pop your details in the box below! You’ll receive a welcome email (check your junk folder!), and then after that, it will be coming your way once a month (in the last week of the month). I promise to never share your details or spam your inbox!

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