Fantastic Friday

Another beautiful day awaits, some much to do, so little time! Our schedule today is pretty laid back, but there’s a fair bit I hope to do. First stop, unfortunately, is the housework. *sigh* The housework fairies appear to take holidays at Christmas time, leaving the work to yours truly. But after that, there’s games to be played, swings to be swung, books to be read, and if I’m lucky, a painting to paint, and maybe even a trip to the fabric shop. (ok, I confess, I’m actually thinking of going to the fabric shop now, while Chubba Bubba is awake and happy…housework is best done when he sleeps, true?)


Today’s image is another sketch I did for “clandestine” from Illustration Friday last week:


When they organised the clandestine meeting underwater, they didn’t think how they would actually speak.


It needs a bit of work yet (like shading & colouring), but as today is Friday, and the next topic will arrive in my inbox sometime during the night, I thought I’d best finalise last weeks!


Happy Friday!

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