heartbreak in the nest

Silence. After a night of constant waking, and a morning of relentless whinging, the children finally, peacefully slept. The silence is broken only by the excited chatter of a boiling kettle, followed by a soft “thunk”. Mug, sugar, teabag, water. A cloud of milk turns the liquid from deep brown to light amber.


She sits, tea by her side, a small (ish) Easter egg lying unwrapping in front of her. Sip. Bite. Sip, sip. Twitter. Bloglines. Inspiration. Google. Wool. Hook. Success. Sip, sip. Row 1, 2, 3. A rhythm develops, and the tea grows cold, forgotten.


The peace is shattered by the cry of a baby. He feeds, his eyes flutter closed, and he dozes.


He stirs, blinks, then wails at the horror of finding himself awake. He sits up, his eyes survey the desk in front of him, lock on that plain, yet interesting blue & white thing in front of him.


Time slows. He reaches out and makes contact a split second before his mother does. He grasps, pulls, and then, in slow motion, Tea Cup meets Lap Top. In a performance that would make Romeo & Juliet proud, their tryst ends in tragedy.



Yep, keyboard died. Shut down the computer, restarted 2 hours later, still dead. Shut down, restarted this morning, still not working. So off we trundle to buy a new keyboard. Set it up, type most of this post using new keyboard, accidently revert to laptop keyboard for the last paragraph – the flipping thing works again! AARRRGGHHHH! Murphy strikes again!

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