Here we go again…

Morning, Monday (and no, it’s not good. My day started when the time had a 5 in front of it. Not. Happy. Jan.)


Ugh, what a weekend. Sick boys and rain. Not a good combination. The smallest one now has a bunged-up nose, which means he’s not feeding properly, which means I was up 17,000 times last night. Ugh. And the toddler is improving, so he slept quite well, meaning Running Bear was only up once. Double Ugh. But I won’t complain too much, as Running Bear is on his way down with the same ickiness. Fingers crossed I don’t get it too. (As an aside, I can’t believe how early the ‘man flu’ starts, the toddler is such a drama queen when he’s sick. At two. We had a tantrum because he wanted a drink. Being midnight, his slave mummy wasn’t by his side within .35 seconds, so of course, one must throw a tanty, no?)

Anyway, it’s Monday. A nice, quiet, get-better type of Monday. Some Baby Einstein for the toddler. Lots of cuddles. Some laundry to churn through. And, if I’m lucky, and the boys nap together, a quick tidy of the studio, finish a painting and maybe some sewing.


Something I have been meaning to show is this changemat I made for myself. Came in handy when we went to the in-laws on Saturday and we had an explosive nappy half-way there. And man I’m glad I used PUL on the bottom of the front!



A simple disappearing nine-patch, with quite a bit more of the beige in it that I’d planned, but hey, that’s the way these things go. I did FMQ in the large squares. The first square is quite dodgy, as it’s been a while since I’ve done any FMQ, but once I found my groove, I was happy with the results. I’m planning another d9p, and have learnt from my ‘mistakes’!

Ok Monday, let’s do this thing!

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      Love the change mat, looks great, the one I made is way to bulky, I’ll have to have antother go I think.

      Hope your boys feel better soon, B has a cold so I had a similar night to you Saturday night with her sleeping in 10 minute stretches and then waking up screaming, which ended up with my getting up at 4 to watch a film with her sleeping on me so that hubby could get a couple of hours sleep before his race Sunday morning. Last night she managed one three hour stretch so that was better!

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