Hoarding pay-off

editorial calendar before shot

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make myself a pretty editorial calendar for the blog. Something visible and easily workable. Something physical, not just an app or a spreadsheet. The last couple of weeks the push to get it done has become more insistent. I feel like I have a heap of stuff I haven’t blogged, but when it comes time to write a post, I can’t seem to thing of these multitude of things. I had one started, a piece of a4 paper with a ruled grid, but the squares wouldn’t be quite big enough for the post-its I wanted to use. I needed something a bit bigger. For days I’ve wandered into the studio and looked around, contemplating the possibilities. I’ve daydreamed and plotted, and decided a canvas would be the way to go. I have a few blank canvases that would work, but most are ear marked for something else. It was late one night I remembered this one.

Sometimes, it pays to be a hoarder. I’ve had this canvas for a long, long time. From way back in my earliest days of mixed media attempts. It’s come out, been put away, come out, shuffled around, contemplated whether it should be turfed and packed away again. And now it’s out again, hopefully for the last time. It’s pretty much 100% the wrong colour for my studio, with it’s greys and yellows and hints of teal, but that is the magic of paint and paper and arty stuff. Tomorrow, it’s preschool day, and while the baby sleeps, I intend to play.

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