…home-made pom-poms :: advent blogalong day5…

When I was creating our advent list, I tried to create a mix of stuff I knew they liked, stuff that was new and required a new skill, and stuff that was new and was easy to pick up for a quick afternoon chill out. One of the activities that fell into the third category, was pompom making.20171212-DSC_3044

I had green yarn in my stash, and picked up a ball each of red and white at BigW to add to the parcel. A few pieces of cardboard thanks to the eleventy-billion parcels I have received lately, and we were in business. Beetle’s pom-pom (not pictured here, as it is mysteriously MIA) became mummy’s pom pom, when it all got too hard and he ended up looping in and around himself multiple times. Butterfly’s pom-pom, after long consideration of the exact placement of the colour bands, ended up getting stolen and chewed on by the puppy. So we have two pom-poms on our yarn garland. The fireworks pompom is Bears, and the red and white is Boy2’s, which is supposed to be a pokeball. To create our garlands, we added our knitted christmas trees, a crocheted bauble by Bear, and a crochet ornament by me. Because we are just that classy, and very much not pinterest perfect around here, we simply tied them onto excess green yarn, and hung it across the top of the map frame in our hallway gallery, where we track all our roadtrips. It’s no Pinterest-trend-decorating, but it works, and it makes our hallway look very festive, so we’ll call it a win!

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