i spy, with my little eye…

…a special gift for a special boy.

Sometimes, things happen that knock you sideways, and leave you breathless. A week before Christmas, I received such a message. I had to read it twice, and still, I struggled to make sense of a seemingly well little boy, one my children had played with not a week earlier, suddenly whisked away and ensconced in hospital. Then it sunk in, and the tears fell as I held my babies close. I wandered aimlessly through the house, full of urgent action, but feeling useless with nowhere to direct it. There was nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing that anyone could do to make this better. And so I decided to do the only thing I can. I decided to make something. I made up this little iSpy-style quilt one weekend while Mr Dove was at home on holidays. Nothing fancy, 4.5″ squares, white sashing, and a basic loop-the-loop all over quilting. But hopefully it will be a little piece of bright comfort in what is looking like a pretty long-term stay.


And this little finish is the first of 2013, which means it’s eligible for counting in:

Opening balance : +7
Out: 8 FQ in prints, maybe 3m for sashing/backing etc? Say 12FQ for the white, and maybe 2 for the binding
Current balance : -15FQ

That’s not a bad little negative balance there, really!

{linking up with the And Sew We Craft linky party for the first time in months, since, you know, I actually have something to share for the first time in months!}

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