I’ve been tagged by Shannon, quite a while ago now, but it’s quite a hard one.

The Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. List 5 things that could make your life very different should it come true.
3. Tag 5 other people.




… I had have gone to uni straight out of school as planned, I wouldn’t have met my wonderful husband.


… I had been willing to take a chance on a house I wanted to buy at 18, I would have doubled my money in 4 years, and be almost mortgage free now.


… I was able, I would love to pack up the family & move overseas for a couple of years, just to experience a different country & culture in depth, and broaden my horizons a bit more.


… I didn’t have the small ratbags, I would still be working in quite a dull job that I didn’t overly enjoy, and dreaming of pursuing a completely different career. Instead, I have two delightful little boys, who bring me much joy, and I am in the process of starting out that dream career!


… I think back to my 10 year plan at 16, it was nothing how life turned out, and you know, I doubt I;d be as happy!


And now, I tag Kayscha, Vanilla, Skipper, Lulu, and Kirsty – have fun girls!

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