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IMMERSE myself in the year ahead

IMMERSE myself in the year ahead

This year, more than any other, I found it hard to decide on a word to encapsulate everything I wanted this year to be. It is a year to settle, to reset, to catch our breath…and at the same time, it’s a year of change, of placing the capstones on the childhood of our eldest, as he turns 18 later this year, and marks his last year at home before spreading his wings into the big wide world of university next year.

It was this milestone in particular that weighed heavily in my search for a word. This is the year to make the most of having him still here, still a child, still a permanent resident in our household. It is a year we really sink into life in our new home, finally finally making it our space, making our routines work here. In the year ahead, I am working on a shift in our homeschool, preparing Boy2 for the final stages of his high schooling, and building towards his own university pathway.

It’s a year I want to re-engage with so many of my hobbies that have had to wait for their time to come again, for space to spread out. A year to try more involved projects. A year to build on the lessons I managed to CULTIVATE in 2023.

In this year, I want to IMMERSE myself in moments that light me up – I want to be solidly present in time with my family, especially in the fleeting moments granted to me in the busy life of a teenager on the cusp of adulthood, I want to let new rhythms and new spaces envelop me, I want to follow glimmers down creative rabbit holes. Last year, I was able to CULTIVATE an online bookclub and an in-person craft group, and this year I want to IMMERSE myself in those friendships, and build on them, and look for ways to IMMERSE myself in other groups and activities that make for a well rounded life.

We saw in the new year last night; Mr Barefoot and I on the couch, watching the fireworks on the iPad and the night sky through our longed for front doors, the teenagers and a gaggle of their friends cackling riotously in the school room next door offering us the most joyful soundtrack to our evening. It was magic and everything we’ve dreamed of and I will confess I got a little teary as Auld Lang Syne played and I IMMERSEd myself in the moment, and revelled in the magic.

Hello 2024, milestone year, I can’t wait to see what adventures you’ll bring.

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