Good morning Tuesday!


The boys are starting to feel better, and we are all getting some decent sleep, thank goodness. Yesterdaywas nice and quiet, some stories, lots of cuddles, a new-found addiction to Baby Einstein:Baby Galileo (hey, who doesn’t love the moon?), and a nap on the loungeroom floor, using the lounge cushions as a bed! Not overly productive on my end, but hey, who would choose housework over sleepy snuggles? We did, though, manage to bake a batch of choc-chip cookies, which seem to have mysteriously disappeared (and for once, it wasn’t me the cookie monster. I think Running Bear had a midnight attack of the munchies.)


While we chilled out, we also played a few rounds of a fun game called “Ringgz” (yep, two g’s and a z – a speling purist’s nightmare)


Despite the 8+ age rating, the toddler won embarrasingly often. I don’t think he quite gets the strategy of the game, but even breaking the rules, he still wins! Sigh. Not sure if that says more about his intellect, or my lack thereof…


So, today, another quiet one. A pile of dishes to do, some clean washing to fold, and hopefully some creative time. Fingers crossed.


Alright, let’s kick some Tuesday butt!

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