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in a one horse crafty sleigh

in a one horse crafty sleigh

And so, here we are on December First. Twenty four days until the jolly fat man squeezes his way down our brand new chimney, and it’s time to kick the fun into high gear. A normal person would suggest one advent project is probably enough, two or three would be optimistically achievable. But normal and I, you see, aren’t exactly on speaking terms. I barely can spare a glance for realistic, at the minute either. I’m too busy, you see, because today is the day I go from five advent projects to TEN.

Yes, I am nuts. Kicking off today (or tonight, for a couple of prompts come out in the US timezones), I have a whole other level of crazy to my days – so much so I’ve had to create a Christmas basket to keep track of everything!

Quiltmas: A total impulse project, I couldn’t resist this 12 block mystery quiltalong when I saw the gorgeous linen kit from Scribbly Gum Quilt Co, that would look absolutely perfect in my new house.

Gnomealong: it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done some gnomish crafts, and with my Christmas Gnomes at the framers, this seemed like a fun project to dive into. I went back and forth on whether I should, but then I saw he was called Mr Gnightley and…your internet friend is a sucker for anything Austen-adjacent. While pondering yarn options, I was nearly going to dye my own, but in the end picked up a cute mini skein pack from My Creative Garage during their last drop.

Illustrated Faith Advent: I always bible journal my way through advent, and this year is no different. I’ve picked up the latest Advent kit from Illustrated Faith and have spent the last couple of days madly massaging PDFs into something more cricut friendly.

Art Journal Advent: A project that was obviously a fail last year, but that I loved doing in 2021, is Art Journal advent. I’m super excited to make a little 3×4″ card each day to pop in my December Daily album as a filler card, to inspire me to think of different ways to document the festive season.

Stickermas: and last but not least, the minister for shenanigans dropped a link to a sticker design challenge and like any rational person with another nine projects already committed and lined up, I jumped in and agreed* to play along. I’m looking forward to playing on my iPad to design some fun festive stickers over the next couple of weeks. (*by agreed I mean I invited myself along without being asked).

Add in the five items on my list from Monday, end of year kid stuff, and a trip to Sydney, and it’s going to be a bonkers month of crafting myself silly. I do think though my biggest hurdle isn’t going to be finding time to squeeze it all in. The biggest hurdle will be sneaking my sewing machine and all the bits I need for all the projects into the car without my husband seeing so I don’t need to have the “are you seriously taking your sewing machine to Sydney?” conversation. Wish me luck friends, this could get interesting!

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