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in the trolley this month

in the trolley this month

One of the funnest parts of new house life, is I get to rearrange and rebuild my crafting routine from scratch. Of course, it’s also completely terrifying and overwhelming to stare at a blank craft space and trying to picture what three million boxes look like and how they need to be arranged. But now I’m over that first hurdle, I’m down to the nitty gritty of how I work and what needs to happen for my current projects.

I read a great quote once, about organising our houses so they fit the way we live. We should throw away what we think a house “should” like like and how it “should” function, and instead make it work for us, even if it’s not display home perfect. It’s something I’m mindful of as we create new habits in this new space. I know myself well enough I will not pack away my craft room desk overnight if I’m in the middle of a project. Instead, I added a standing desk in the shelving unit so I have an option to work and leave projects that doesn’t take up the full width of my craft room, which doubles as the main thoroughfare from the main bedroom to the laundry. I can guarantee, for a fact, I will not cart my projects back to the craft room every night after working on them during the day. I also know if it isn’t super easy to get my projects between workspaces and into the school room, I’ll not have something to work on in the craft room.

Enter, the trolley. I’ve had a Raskog trolley floating around as part of my craft storage for almost a decade. It’s been kid crafting and homeschool crafting and tiny house random storage, and now, it has found a new home as my “current active WIPs”* storage-plus-locomotion station.

(*not to be confused with “current projects” box under my standing desk. Or “WIPs” box on the top shelf.)

It lives, for the most part, in the lounge room, near my end of the couch. It is only for the storage of projects and books that I am actively working on, tempting as it can be to pop in one more “TBR” book, or “I’ll totally start that this week” projects. Having it in the lounge room is a concession to “organise how you live not how you want it to look”, but at the same time, I very much do not want it looking a hot mess and cluttering up the entire room.

With the end of month upon us, I’m just about ready to reset it, fresh and clean, ready for February. As of today though, it contains:

TOP SHELF: Four books – The Bookbinder of Jericho (in progress), Numbercrunch (in progress), plus two new books that are indeed defying the “no TBRs” but also have been very helpful in propping my laptop to the right height so I can watch Netflix while I stitch so I’ve let them slip through to the keeper. I also have my cross stitch + embroidery stand popped here out of the way, and generally this is where my laptop lives when not in use. Tucked in one corner is a ball of yarn threaded through the mesh base, connected to…

MIDDLE SHELF: Faith mandala blanket (in progress – round four started), Hebe jumper (in progress and nearing a finish!), and a new hand sewing project.

BOTTOM SHELF: Bag of yarn for Faith.

And that’s it! I can drag it between lounge and school room, or easily scoop up a bag as I head to the school table. I can wheel it across to the table so I can crochet during games night and leave the trolley to hold the majority of the hot blanket as I work around the edge. I do want to add a little something to the side for it to hold my thread catcher and a spot for my snips, to get them off the arm of the lounge – that might be a project for February, to make a couple of little magnetic somethings that will fit right there and also match the colour scheme of my lounge room.

Yes that’s my children you can see through the fireplace – it’s double sided and faces both the lounge room and the school room!

The best part? I don’t take my hoop off the stand when I pack it away, so it serves as a little stand, and the unfinished cross-stitch sits proudly on top, almost as an art installation. “Progress; a study in procrastination and stolen moments. (floss on linen, wood, metal) 2024″.

Ok now that’s tickled my inso bone, if anyone needs me I’m off brain dumping in my commonplace book (which really should also be on said trolley).

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