It’s a girl!!!

Two days late, and in an awful hurry to arrive, our precious little Butterfly was born last Sunday, weighing in at a petite little 6lb11oz, a mere hour after my first contractions, and less than 20 minutes after arriving at hospital!


Life with three is crazy, but we are slowly finding our feet, and I hope to be back on the blogging/crafting bandwagon in the next week or so. I even managed to do some sewing today! I’ve got big plans for quilts, clothes, a softie or two. Lots of little things for stolen moments. But for now, the most precious moment in my day is the 40 minutes sitting on the lounge at midnight, as I sit with my feet propped on the opposite chair, my daughter in my arms, bathed in the glow of the softly murmuring television, and I gaze down at this tiny little creature that has joined our family, and suddenly, I can’t imagine life without her.

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