It’s raining, it’s pouring…

I wish the boy was snoring.

Monday nap time, and toddler boy has decided sleep is for the weak. We’ve had tantrum, potty stop, tantrum, extra lunch, tantrum, and now merrily chatting away to Pooh Bear. Knowing my luck, he’ll fall asleep just in time for baby boy to wake up. *sigh*.


Last week, we made some bath fizzers. I’m a huge fan of “Lush”, and if I’m buying something, I’ll generally grab an “Ickle Baby Baff Bomb” or five for the small stinky ones. Bear thinks they are just the bees knees, and was demanding one every bath. So off to Professor Google I go, and came up trumps with a recipe for home made bath fizzers. Super easy & lots of fun, now we have a fizzer in every bath! For those interested, we used 1/2 cup citric acid, 1 1/2 cups bicarb soda, and 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil (which, if you are stupid like me, is massage oil from the chemist. Do not waste your time looking for it in Coles near the olive oils *blush*). Mix, and place in moulds to set for 24 hours. See, told you it was easy!


While I have the chance – I’ve cleaned cleared a space on my desk, so I’m going to get stuck into cutting Baby Bear’s quilt. Then if I get time, I have a softie cut out & waiting to be made, plus I want to brainstorm some ideas for Easter (which I can do during options A &B above). I also have to get some photos organised for printing, and make a start on a photo book for MIL. I think I hear the toddler waking the baby…Wish me luck!

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