Just when you think someone is your friend…

… they go and do somethign truly evil. Yes, Car, I’m talking about you! The very nasty nasty Car blogged about Dairy Milk Clinker blocks. Add to that a heavily pregnant chocaholic, a trip to Coles, and one ends up with a bit of an issue.


You see, I toddled off to Coles this morning, in need of some milk, and accidently managed to go down the wrong aisle. Suddenly, I found myself staring at rows of Cadbury’s chocolate. The synapses fire, and my eyes start seeking the indulgent Clinker block. Whilst the block in question was nowhere to be found, it did come to my attention that family generously sized blocks were on special. Fine, if I couldn’t have Clinkers, I’d treat myself to some Turkish Delight. And better grab a bag of Clinkers, since they are on my mind. I turn, and there, hidden in the single serve chocolate, is a decadently priced, undersized Clinkers Dairy Milk.


See how small that little block is? Is it really my fault that it’s gone already? No, I didn’t think so either!

5 thoughts on “Just when you think someone is your friend…

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      Eat up babe!! Get the extra energy you will need to have that baby this week.

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      I’m surprised it lasted long enough to be photographed!

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      Oh Clinkers….oh oh ohhhhh! Dammit, it’s 10pm on a Friday night…no clinkers for me!

      I hope you & bub both enjoyed the choccies!

      xx V

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      Skip, I need no further encouragement, trust me!

      Shannon, I very nearly ripped into the Clinker block, but managed to restrain mysef long enough to take a pic. By the time I’d uploaded the photo to the blog, it was gone *blush*

      Vanilla, I’m very sorry to inspire cravings so late at night! Hopefully you can get out today & find some, it’s very yummy!

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      Hee hee hee 😀

      If it makes you feel better I bought another block on the weekend and it’s gone 🙁

      Stay tuned, today I’m gonna blog about the cadbury’s pop rock chocolate ~ Yummo!!!

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