Kick The Bucket 2014 {WIP challenge}

Last year, AJ hosted the Sew Your Stash Thin challenge (for which my round-up post is coming soon!) to get us busting our stashes. This year, it’s a WIP challange (which she also ran in 2012, though I didn’t join in with that one), but with a difference – it’s a WIP bucket list challenge!

For the purposes of the challenge:
~ WIP’s need to be at least 12 months old – ie you started them sometime in 2012 or before
~ WIP’s are finished when they are being used – ie quilt on the bed (yes you can send them out to get quilted but only once they are back with binding on them and finished do they count), jumper being worn by the next child down cause it no longer fits the one is was being made for, cross stitch hanging on the wall etc
~ No restrictions on medium – if you knit, crochet, cross-stitch, scrapbook, paint, do beading….anything that is started, half finished or almost done find it and get cracking!
~ WIP’s that are no longer your style can be dealt with in a number of ways
* Give it to someone else who likes that style and wants to take it off your hands
* Repurpose it into something else and still call it a finish
* Make it into its intended product and give it away
* throw it in the bin

Sorted, finished, being used or out of the house is the purpose of this challenge.

So. My Bucket List for 2014 (some of which you can see in the photo above):

1) Ripple crochet blanket
2) Dreams & Plans embroidery
3) Quilt of Orange Awesomeness finished June 2014 and blogged here.
4) Lonestar quilt
5) small desert canvas
6) knitted dolls quilt for Butterfly
7) Dear Jane – I know I won’t get it finished in it’s entirety, so I’m aiming for 12 blocks for the purposes of the challenge
8) Vintage Modern BOM quilt
9) log cabin change quilt. If I can find it.
10) December Daily album
11) Boy2’s Tunisian crochet scarf
12) finalise 2013 Project Life
13) Waldorf doll
14) Get Lauren & Paul’s story to 25,000 words

I’m sure there’s more, but that will do for now! It’s already a longer list than I anticipated. In amongst weekly PL updates, blogging, parenting, socialising and being subject to the whims of my crafty ADHD, I’m 99% certain that not even half of those will get done. But I needed to give myself options, plus roughly one a month isn’t tooooo bad, really. My focus at the minute are jobs I can do out of the studio and near the air conditioner – my embroidery and a DJ block being flavour of the month.

Do you have a scary looking WIP pile? Head over to AJ’s blog to sign up!

{I would also like to demonstrate my commitment to the challenge by clarifying that is indeed my boot in the photo, and I took that photo at around 7pm when it was still a delightful 41 degrees C. Ever worn long boots in ridiculously hot weather? AJ owes me. Big time.}

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