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…make all the things…

…make all the things…

Back in 2017, my partner in crime and I started a challenge to get us back into the swing of crafting and blogging and experimenting with creative play.We created a list of different mediums and materials which we would use as a launch point for whatever creative projects we were inspired to pursue. We got about half way through, and in the way of many of our challenges, got distracted by the next new shiny thing that had caught our attention. When we then circled back into yet another creative play challenge, I decided to overlap the challenges, and could easily fill one of my 20 prompt slots with the outstanding materials on my list.

Prompt 13. Thirteen materials left to tick off my list, and for a year-long challenge, that seemed easy enough. One every four weeks. That seemed doable. Of course, 2019 came and went, and my list of thirteen remained untouched. As we approach the end of 2020, though, and along with it, the bottom of my WIP pile, I’m eyeing off my list again. I spent some time yesterday doing a bit of planning, ahead of what will probably be my last chance to hit Spotlight before the Christmas rush starts impacting on my craft time. As of today, here’s where the list stands:

Clay: DONE! I made a little polymer clay jewellery bowl.
Yarn: DONE! Took me longer than expected, but ticked it off with socks
Paint: DONE! Handmade watercolour paint was a fun experiment
Fabric: DONE! Ticked off with a reusable shopping bag
Paper: DONE! World card making day made this one easy.
Felt: DONE! A bunch of little peg gnomes to add to our school room.
Metal: DONE! I made a ring at a silversmithing class
Stone: DONE! Retrospectively claiming my pendant for this one!
Rope: DONE! Twine, rope, macrame candle holders are close enough!
Wax: DONE! Beeswax wraps were an easy one to tick off for this one
Plants: DONE! A cute little raffia herb basket for AJ’s camp gift in 2018.
Bead: DONE! A couple of batches of diffuser bracelets ticked this one off.
Thread: DONE! I’d almost forgotten about this cute journal cover.
Glue: DONE! It takes a lot of glue to make a hollow book.
Ink: DONE! I can’t find the actual post where I first crossed it off, but I will claim my bird block printed bag as my INK project
Photo: DONE! Another where the graphic is crossed off but I can’t find the post, so I will claim a photo book for this
Rubber: DONE! Just needs blogging, I made a batch of planner stamps
Glass: DONE! Thanks to a pack of paint pens to make a festive glass.
Wood: I’m planning a bird feeder for this one
Wire: I’m thinking of making Christmas trees out of beading wire
Glitter: DONE! Glitter hot glue sticks made some cute decorations.
Cork: DONE! Pouring paint coasters.
Tile: no idea! Maybe a mosaic of some kind?
Leather: This one will be fun! I spent yesterday looking at various project kits, and need to make a decision this week so I have time to order.
Feathers: I have a few ideas kicking around – would a fascinator for Miss10 be a bit too extra for Christmas Day church services, do we think?
Dye: In progress! I have avocado skins drying ready to turn into natural dye
Ribbon: no idea on this one, I will have to hit up Pinterest I think!

Three down (beads, ink, rubber), ten to go! I’ve got a list on my phone for Monday at Spotlight, and then I plan on reassessing. Materials I can use for Christmas projects with the children will be listed and scheduled as part of our Advent activity calender. Today marks exactly 6 weeks until the end of the year, and I am determined to cross this item off my 202020 list. Let the crafting marathon begin!

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