make {one little word 2014}


Last year, my word was intent – while I didn’t act as intentionally as I’d hoped in some areas, it was a good fit for me, and I think it worked better than a laundry list of resolutions, especially with the first half of the year going down the gurgler when I was out of action with morning sickness, and the last quarter of the year dedicated to my beautiful family and our precious newborn boy.

I’ve decided in 2014, I will once again try the One Little Word concept, rather than resolutions. My word came to me a lot easier this year, and I had it locked in by mid-December. This year, my word is MAKE.

I want to make pretty things. I want to make do with what I have in stash. I want to make moments that become memories, and I want to make memories out of the ordinary. I want to make time for relationships, and make time for me. I want to make things I am able to, rather than buy. I want to make plans to travel and write and photograph and blog. I want to make every day count.

Hello 2014, let’s make it a great one.

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