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…making monday…

For as productive as May was for me, creativity wise, June has almost swung completely in the opposite direction. I’m not quite sure where the first half of the month disappeared to. I finished and blocked a cardigan, and with that off the needles I cast on a couple of secret squirrel projects and got those finished. We snuck away to the coast for the long weekend, and then had a week of running back and forth to events a couple of towns over, so that week was less than productive as well.

From there, we were head first into prep for kids club. Due to start tomorrow, I was busy designing and cutting and taping and glueing, only for the plague to strike again, and sadly we had to pull the pin on that. We’ve also been knee-deep in house stuff – we’ve sold our house in town, which has meant a big week of cleaning and moving and dismantling play equipment and fixing gardens. In amongst all that, of course, the mister is up to his ears in EOFY work. When I lay it out like that, it’s not surprising I haven’t gotten a lot done!

But here we are, the last Monday of June. My week has unexpectedly opened up with no kids club. The house is done and ready for me to drop the keys in tomorrow. End of financial year is alllllmost here. With my to-do list dwindling rapidly, I’m hoping to finish the month strong. Here’s whats on the agenda this week:

Hudson Pants – True Bias Patterns: I’ve gone back and forth on these for over a week. I needed something sporty for kids club, and while I normally prefer wider (or at least straight) leg trackies, and no cuffs, it seems cuffed skinny legs are the trend, so I’ll give it a crack. I’m making it from a remnant I picked up half price a couple of weeks back, so worst case they can become jammie pants.

Wizard of Oz Stitchalong – Satsuma St: I made a start on the wizard over the long weekend and have been slowly making progress at the school table each morning. I hope this week to finish the Scarecrow block, and starting the borders out to start the Wicked Witch block.

ACR Ice Cream Waffle: I love to get another two colours added this week

Mask making: We now have a state wide mask mandate, so I spent yesterday afternoon making a set each for the mister and the teen to wear to work. It’s now my turn, and I’m hoping to add another three to my collection as well. The fun bit about DIY masks and DIY clothes, is I can make a mask to match each outfit!

Screenprinting: my first attempt with drawing fluid wasn’t overly successful, so I’m hoping to try again this week.

Shhhhh: There’s a couple of secret squirrel projects I want to get cracking on as well, but I can’t give away too much on those.

Not a bad list for a week! Could be a bit ambitious, but it’s a starting point, and a lot of mixed options if I get bored of something!

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