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me made fail

me made fail

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things; like the season of hardcore Me Made May has come and gone. Another year, and another fail, and I think I can officially admit defeat. Well, not defeat so much, but to accept garment sewing has taken a back burner in the current hyperfixiation rankings; and that’s ok.

I did wear me made most days, but that’s just normal for me. The first few days I snapped photos, but it quickly dropped off. What’s the point, really, when hashtags are basically dead in the water, and it’s not as easy to find new sewists and new patterns? The sense of community has been sucked right out of it, and I think that’s also a bit part of why I’ve given up on it. It’s not quite as fun any more.

Which isn’t to say it’s a total loss. I finished two garments and cut out a third (which I finished over the long weekend).

First up; a new pair of Avery Leggings, in a fab teal spandex I picked up at The Remnant Warehouse in October 2022. I made the loungewear length version, because the only exercise these babies are going to see is a run to the fridge for another glass of wine, with the higher waistline. My last two pairs fit like a dream so it was super easy to pull out a pre-prepped pattern and get to work. In theory, anyway. Some goose didn’t check the stretch on the spandex, and this fabric is a lot firmer than previously. They do fit, but are a bit tight around the waistline, so the ol’ mummy tummy has them rolling down to sit under the pooch. I think thought it should be an easy fix, just remove the waistband and cut a new one double height; the added benefit is it will then suck in the mum-pooch and voila, me made shapewear!

The weekend after that, I pulled out a remnant that has been in my stash for a couple of years. One big hole in my me made collection is cozy jumpers, and the hot pink fleece was the perfect fabric for making something cute and cozy. I found a pattern on Pinterest but unfortunately the site is now defunct…wayback machine to the rescue! I was able to find not only the original post, but the archive also included the link to the pattern. It might be one of my new favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

To wrap up the month, I prepped a t-shirt version of the Coco dress pattern, and got it cut from some polka dot double knit I picked up at spotlight all the way back in 2020. It has since been hanging in my craft room, anxiously awaiting my attention, and this past long weekend was the perfect chance to get stuck in. As expected, it took less than an hour to put together, and like every other time I’ve procrastinated on such a short job, I wondered what the heck was wrong with me that I’d left it so long.

Would I have made these pieces if it wasn’t for Me Made May? Probably not, to be honest. They’ve been on my list so long now what’s another couple of months/years? It was the push I needed to do some sewing, so I don’t think that it’s a total flop of a project, even if I didn’t quite stick to the spirit of the challenge.

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