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…monday making…

…monday making…

Last week was not my best, creatively speaking. Being a short week didn’t help, and of the four remaining days, one involved two zooms, and the other three involved extended time periods in town. Crafting was way down the list of things o could fit in, and gosh I felt it by the weekend!

This week I’m determined to prioritise some making. Last night I sketched some swimmers designs. This morning I whipped up a foundation pattern pieced pattern, printed it off, and wonders of wonders, I actually managed to sew this afternoon!

It’s been ages since I DIYed a FPP pattern, so it took a couple of attempts to get the layers working right, but in the end it came together in an approximation of what I’d had in mind. I want to make another tomorrow though to see if I can get it a bit closer again.

Also on the agenda this week: finishing my zine, sewing the shorts I’ve been trying to get to for over a week, and start on a mini book from 2010 I found while unpacking my craft boxes. Monday was off to a good start until I burnt my finger cooking dinner, so here’s hoping for more productivity and less injury as the week progresses!

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