More rain…

Hello Wednesday!


After a long absence, that wonderful sound is back. I can’t think of a sound (outside of my children’s voices) that I love more than that of rain hitting the roof. And it’s not just any rain, but beautiful, constant, soaking, make-the-grass-green-again rain. It’s been raing for four days now, and the river hasn’t even got a ‘fresh’ in it – that’s how little run-off there is! The scorched, thirsty earth is greedily drinking whatever it can, lest the heavens close over & withhold the precious water once more.


Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as us. Some have gone from drought to floods, whilst I believe those fighting the fires in Victoria are still praying for a decent soaking rain to give them a hand. How fickle Mother Nature can be.


At our house, the bugs are almost gone, but not enough for me to give in to begging to “catch wain, mummy?”. Poor little tyke, all he wants to do is play in the rain, but I’m loathe to let him, lest he relapse into his coughing, snotty, non-sleeping ways. So another inside day today, some craft, some books, maybe another veiwing of Baby Galileo. Plenty of cuddles, and maybe some pikelets for morning tea. Yummo. I used to love rainy days, when we got home from school there would be a pile of still warm pikelets waiting for us, and we’d proceed to slather them in butter, and wolf the whole lot down in about 5 seconds flat. For some reason, they aren’t quite as good now I’m the one doing the cooking and washing up afterwards!


But, the rain and sickness has given me a chance to get a bit further on the 2009 reading challenge!


1. The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald (fiction, opshop find) *** (Jan 09)

2. Fishing for Stars – Bryce Courtney (fiction, new/gift) ***1/2 (Jan 09)

3. The Time Travellers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger (fiction, re-read for the 736th time) ****1/2 (Feb 09)

4. The Adventure of English:A biography of a Language – Melvin Bragg(non-fiction, re-read for the 312th time) ***1/2 (Feb 09)

5. Vet in a Spin – James Herriot (non-fiction, memoir, re-read) **** (Feb 09)

6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – James Herriot (non-fiction, memoir, re-read) (in progress)


Might be time for a trip to the library I think! I might go stalk some of the other girls in the challenge and see what they recommend.


Alrighty Wednesday, let’s do this!

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