New books

So, as mentioned yesterday, a trip to the library was in order to pad out my 50-50 reading list. Wwe were also suffering a mild dose of cabin fever, thanks to icky noses & rainy weather. A small break in the weather, and we took our chances on a dash to the library.


My haul consisted of a book recommended by Ruth (ok, now I check her list, I see it has the same name, but it’s a different author – I searched by name, as that’s all I could remember!! Oops. Oh well, hopefully this version is good too) , a book I read a review of that sounded interesting, and one that was on display that caught my eye.



Plenty to keep me out of mischief!


Life is just about back to normal today, with a fair bit of family stuff happening in the background that I think will consume most of my headspace today, so not too much creativity. Maybe a batch of biscuits. A zillions loads of washing if the weather holds (and if not, I think I’ll have to get reacquainted with the dryer. It’s really starting to get out of control!). Some colouring in with the big boy, some crawling practice with the little boy, and some stories with both! Wherever the day takes us, I plan on enjoying every second. Remind myself that life is short. Honour the past, and celebrate the future. Relish the hope & potential that is new life, and make every minute count, as they go so quickly.


Melancholy, hope, reflection, joy. Let’s do this thing called Thursday.

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