Friday. Generally, it feels like the finishing line of another week. A day of reflection on the week that was. And today is no different, I suppose. But as I sit here, munching on some choc-chip cookies, I am not only looking back at our week, thinking of the parts that rocked, repressing the memories of the bits that sucked, but I am also looking forward. I’m in a dreamy kind of mood. A new baby arrived in our family last night, which inspires me to dream of the future. The boys are both sleeping, giving me a chance to indulge in that dreaminess, though I hear a small one stirring.


Our Friday is going to be filled with love & fun. A bit of creating if I can swing it. But whatever happens, I’m grabbing life in both hands, and I’m going to enjoy every second of today. Because life is too short not to.


Have a great weekend!

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