Not again…


The toddler is snotty. Again. He’s feeling a bit better today, and just when I thought baby might be safe this time, he’s woken up all clogged up this morning too. Sigh.

Even when sick, Bear is quite an active little bloke, so in an effort to get him to lay quietly & try to recuperate (and not aggravate his cough), I stocked up on DVD’s. We watch Alvin & the Chipmunks last night – and loved it! I remember the Chipmunks from when I was a child, and hearing them bust a ‘toon’ to “Funky Town” just totally cracked me up, totally made it worthwhile hiring!


Today, I need to catch up on housework after having a day or two of koala children that made it impossible to get anything done. I have about 500 loads of washing to do after going camping on the weekend. Sheets to change, floors to mop, some bookwork to do. And a quilt to cut. I also need to scrap a couple of pages, but would need to clean my desk, so might just work on mentally planning those for now. And plenty of  cuddles for two little boys who are still a bit out of sorts. Let’s do this!

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