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…oh Christmas tree…

…oh Christmas tree…

Hello Advent!! I’m super excited to officially be in Christmas season. We’ve put up our tree, the diffuser is pumping out our favourite Christmas blend (Holiday Joy), my Spotify is tuned to a Christmas playlist, and I’m ready to dive head first into a gazillion advent challenges. Let the Christmas Craftapalooza begin!

In other, non-secret-squirrel adventures around here, I have been:

READING: One Enchanted Christmas. A quick little novella to kick off our Christmas reading challenge, it was a fun, semi-Christmassy romance, though the little “narrator” asides were a little annoying, and read more like dodgy 00’s era fan fiction. The actual story aside from that was quite readable though.

WATCHING: not a lot this week actually! I am about to chuck on a movie though to chill for the afternoon. Not sure what, yet, though.

LISTENING TO: “Christmas is Coming” on Spotify

STARTING: nothing that I can share publicly yet! So much crafting, so little I can share.

FINISHING: my party dress! Plus matching mask, and phone clutch. Look for a full wrap on that later in the week.

PLANNING: to go hard on the Christmas spirit, and going all in on the crafting!

it’s a low key Sunday Snippets, because I am totally wiped after last nights wedding. Lots of fun stuff in the pipeline for this week though. Let the festive fun begin!

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