oh what fun it is to craft

“Do you think he’s compensating for something?” Shrek asks Donkey as they see Lord Farquaad’s castle for the first time. As I survey the list I made yesterday and clipped to my inspo board in my craft room, I felt the need to ask the same of myself. And the answer is – absolutely I am compensating for something.

Advent last year was very rudely interrupted by The Pangolin’s Revenge, and half way through the month, the children thought I shouldn’t miss the fun and took me down with them. Instead of a flurry of crafty fun, it felt like nurse duty/sleep for a week/nurse duty/oh look it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. This year, I’m all fired up and ready to make up for lost time.

The tree went up yesterday, along with lights and a handful of previous years crafts that have survived – many are rather ephemeral and last only a year or two before making way for the next year’s projects. I woke this morning to a Christmassy extravaganza that has me super pumped for a month of festive fun.

There’s so much fun on my agenda, in fact, that I’m kicking off in stages. Some projects don’t start until Actual December, but as my youngest would say when he was tiny, that’s “much too many far away”. With four weeks to go, today I’m starting off on: Festive Write Chain, December Daily, Advent Blogalong, Christmas Readalong, and Treetime stitching, plus the kids Advent Activity Calendar. A neat half of my list that can be started today!

Festive Write Chain: every day, for the next 28 days, my creative partner in crime and I will spend time writing. We’re both working on christmassy types of stories, and it’s super fun to brainstorm and encourage each other. I don’t have a firm goal, as along as I write something, but ideally would like to aim for 500 words a day, which will give me a short novella by the end of the month.

December Daily: a long standing tradition, I’m starting my documenting of the silly season today, to capture the full fun of the season

Advent Blogalong: another old favourite, I plan to blog every day for the next 28 days.

Christmas Readalong: one book a week for four weeks. I have two lined up on indyreads, and two on my kindle. There are also a handful of unreads in my library should I get ahead of the game.

Treetime stitching: I picked up a cute sashiko kit at my LQS last week, and can’t wait to have some Christmassy handwork as we work through our final week of formal school lessons

And of course, I’ve made up an advent calendar for the children, filled with fun activities and the requisite sugary treats. More details on that tomorrow!

28 Days, five projects, lots of fun. This little elf is ready to craft the heck of the month ahead.

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