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on blog planning & pretty books

on blog planning & pretty books

My mojo goes in fits & spurts. Sometimes I just can’t find a groove in anything, and I have nothing to share. Or I have been working on the same thing and if I’m sick of seeing my ripple blanket every day then I’m pretty sure no-one else wants to see it constantly either.
Then there’s times like now, where my ideas are like a paddock full of rabbits – running in every direction & breeding when my back is turned. If there is one thing my seven years of blogging on and off have taught me, it’s that I need to harness the rabbits as a backup for when the drought hits. Add in a couple of new content formats, and I knew I needed something more than just a simple editorial calendar. In my stash I had a mini book kit I had purchased from a bricks & mortar store on holidays many moons ago, just perfect for what I had in mind.

blog planner & editorial calender mini-book
I am trying to be more intentional about using my stash, not holding onto it for the elusive “perfect project”, or stressing about “wasting it”, but getting it out of the cupboard and using it. The book itself was a bit like that, but then I had to pick some papers to decorate it. I took a deep breath, and gently broke the seal on my very last Lime Tart kit, that I have been hoarding for at least three years. My traditional scrapbooking output is exactly nil these days, so it was time to use it, and I can buy more pretty girly papers when I get back into it. One day.

I had everything laid out, and then discovered Polkadot Creative on Instagram (via, I believe, giveagirlablog). Soon after I followed her, Jodie reached out and tagged me in one of her script works, suggesting I might be interested in the free printable she was offering. I’m not going to lie, I totally gasped out loud. It was perfect, and soon joined my pile of prettiest or my book.

Aside from Jodie’s script, pretty much everything else was from the kit, with the finishing touches being a stamp I had in my stash (a birthday present from one of my besties), and a “begin” charm I made as part of a tutorial. The papers were glued to the bare chipboard with PVA glue then left to set for a couple of days under a couple of my biggest Bryce Courtenay books.

While I waited, I started sketching out my page designs. I work so much better with a pen in my hand (hence a whole mini book planner rather than relying on an app or plugin), then when I hit InDesign I have a firm place to jump off from, and it makes the process so much quicker. At first, I planned to letter the pages myself, but I was at the point of just wanting it done, and when I came across a font called Steelheart* from Creative Market* I couldn’t hit “buy” fast enough. Isn’t it pretty?

In the end, I went with 6 different sections:

Section one – monthly overview. And yeah, page one is turned down – I can’t go giving away all my secrets! Down the bottom I left a space for those months I have a theme running through the month – it doesn’t always happen, but I like having to option to focus my planning.month

Section two – blog posts & project ideas. To try & fence in those pesky rabbits!

blog ideas
Section three – vlog/video planning. I am hoping to do some more regular vlogging this year, and they require a little bit more planning so this section will help me keep track of that. vlog

Section four – pop up shop, to help me track ideas & progress & results for my Instagram pop up shop.popup

Section five – newsletter. What newsletter? Surprise! I’m hoping to get this launched in the next month or two, so this section will help me be organised in getting my content prepared.


Section six – plain dot grid paper for making notes and sketchinggrid

All the pages are primed on 120gsm paper, and then trimmed down @ punched with my cropadile before binding with three book rings. Hopefully it will be simple yet flexible enough to make my blogging life easier, rather than becoming one more thing I “have” to do.

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      Hi, love your post, the book you have put together is very practical. Wish I had one. Every Monday, I start the day planning and my blog planning well has been a bit put on the back burner or the moment while I deal with house crises but this would be lovely, I need to check out all those links. Thanks for sharing! And I can’t wait to you have a newsletter. But don’t worry it will all come in time. We won’t forget you. It is difficult trying to be consistent and getting all our ideas out there before they are eaten up by the evil monkeys of forgetfulness.
      Hope you have a lovely day down in Aussieland.

      Bermudagirl (not Jodie!)

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        Sunday night is my big planning night – I’ll sit down with all the school notes & my diary & schedule out my week (colour coded by child because I’m a bit OCD like that). I’m a list maker! Getting stuff out of my head and onto paper makes me feel less stressed & in control.

        I love your phrase “evil monkeys of forgetfulness” – I’ll have to remember that one! Have a fab day x

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      Great idea!

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