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on going barefoot {plus a free planning printable}

on going barefoot {plus a free planning printable}

on changing a blogs identity

So. Why the change? While a rebrand wasn’t something I was actively looking for, I’d been gradually feeling that I was outgrowing my previous identity. Nothing definite, but just not quite right. But with nothing else really striking me (which, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly putting a great deal of thought into), I just allowed it to simmer along in the background. Until, one day, I posted a photo on Instagram, complete with my bare tootsies making one of their semi-regular cameos. Bec, being cheeky, said my blog should really be called The Barefoot Crater. I gasped out loud, literally. Within 5 minutes I had my webhost’s page open & checking the domain. I ummed & ahhed. I tweeted about it & Bee wanted more details, so I shot her a message and she went berserk for the idea. I checked social media availability. All available. For the sake of $40, I figured I may as well buy the domain, and think about it. I bought the domain. I went to a meeting the next day and mentioned it to a friend. She gasped out loud & agreed it was perfect. We were go for change.

There were a few technical difficulties, but I managed (just) to avoid throwing the computer out the window, and on Monday, I took a deep breath, and made the switch. 2 hours work chasing my social media around, and my internet presence for this blog suddenly had a new name & new avatar. After 7 years, I was sad to see my little birdie go. I still feel not-quite-myself when I see my new icon on twitter. But I’m getting used to it, and I am really excited to see where this next chapter of my blogging journey takes me.

Part of my planning, while I was waiting for various techy things to do whatever techy thing have to do to go from not-working to working, was making a big list of all the places I had to change my handle, and where I wanted/needed to make an announcement post about my new name. If you are thinking about change, I even made a printable, which you can download here, with space to add extra social networks, and a spot to scribble any changes you may need to make to your social handle (mine is barefootcrafter everywhere except Pinterest, which is barefootcraft and Facebook, which is thebarefootcrafter).

Change is good, right? It’s exciting, and I am loving my new blog. I miss the old me, a bit. But the new me is a better fit, and my toes have room to wiggle. Let the wandering begin.

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