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on the trolley : June

on the trolley : June

As the season changes, so too is my trolley, with another big reshuffle and reorganisation. The big change this month is the addition of my spinning wheel. For well over a month now, I’ve been wanting to spin, and I kept putting off the dyeing of the fibres and actually getting stuck in. Part of my procrastination was inspired by the logistics of spinning in my new space. Last week, though, I finally got around to dyeing the yarn. Over the weekend, I took inspiration from a spinning & weaving friend on instagram, and her post on spinning on a little tray in bed. What if, I thought, I set up a little tray like that on the couch to spin of an evening? And then I went one step further. What if I rearranged my trolley and set it up as a spinning station?

It was the perfect nudge to give the trolley a good clean out and reset. I was a couple of days behind on my monthly set up; it just felt like more of the same, really. With the inspiration though, I was ready to dive in and get it done. Once I had the month ahead sorted, the mojo came along with it, and I’m suddenly full of energy for new projects and a whole lot of making for the month ahead.

This month’s set up:

TOP SHELF// Spinning wheel, spare fibre, pedal and cords.

MIDDLE SHELF// Morning basket with devotional booklet, writing journal, knitting, and Illustrated Life journal; cross stitch, little handpieced pouch basted for sewing, the three books I got for mothers day + two gardening books, kindle, iPad, and this week’s table top games (cards against humanity family edition and happy little dinosaurs)

BOTTOM SHELF// Crochet mandala & library books

Over in the craft room, my inspo board has collected plenty of detritus along the way; there’s some leftovers from a fallen ICAD attempt, and the program from the eldest kiddo’s recent play waiting to be scrapbooked. My bowl of offcuts was getting low after Messy May but is piled up again at the minute after a big weekend of crafting. I need to film and then file said Messy May journal, but its place is already taken over by a new journal for Five Things and the stamp set I’m using for it.

My top three goals for June are to get my fibre spun up into yarn, complete my Five Things journal, and make serious progress on my blanket. What are you making this month?

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