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on the trolley :: March

on the trolley :: March

In general, I consider myself a pretty unfocused crafter, forever bouncing from idea to idea to idea. When I decided to document monthly the changes in my active projects trolley, I expected to see radically different projects popping up in each round up.

As I come to the end of February and start resetting my trolley for the month ahead, it’s interesting to me how little has changed. In fact, the biggest change is beside the trolley, not in it. There has been a finish (my knitting) and solid progress (on the cross stitch), but some others still linger and I’m hoping to shuffle them on over the next 31 days.

Here’s what the trolley looks like this month:

TOP SHELF: Almost no changes. The same four books continue to prop up my laptop for stitchy time viewing (this month it was One Day on Netflix), though I have gotten further along in The Bookbinder of Jericho

MIDDLE SHELF: The knitting is finished, and going onto the blocking mats today (though I fear my gauge swatch lied and it will end up too small). The Faith mandala has progressed slightly – I finished the round I was working on at the end of January, and started the foundation round of the star stitch. This remains in the same colour that is fed through the top layer so it remains trapped on the trolley until I progress to the next change. Lesson learned – from now on I’ll use bulldog clips for yarn guides to give me the option to move it off the trolley! At the start of Feb there also was a hand sewing project which has made a small amount of progress, but has moved off the trolley and into my homeschool backpack. Also on the middle shelf this month is my writing book, my creative brain dump journal, and my camera so it is in easy reach for my 100 Days project.

BOTTOM SHELF: No change – this shelf remains the repository of yarn for the faith blanket.

And the big change this month? A new loom! I picked up an 8 shaft, 80cm, Ashford table loom on Saturday, found for a bargain on Facebook market place. For now, it is set up on the fireplace wall while I have a play and get used to it. Eventually, it will move over to the cabin, where we are creating a little “hobby hut” vibe.

Here’s to a crafty month ahead!

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