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on the trolley :: May

on the trolley :: May

When I decided, back in January, to create a monthly series featuring my trolley and way I use it to keep me organised, I expected it to be nothing more than a fun little filler post, giving a bit of a peek behind the curtains, so to speak, without the pressure to show progress on a WIP or a finished project or a thought-out essay. A quick little snapshot in time, a few words, and I’m done.

Instead, it’s become the scaffolding I need to keep the trolley set to maximum efficiency, and to really think about what I’m including. Instead of just chucking more stuff in, I’m finding myself carving out time for a trolley reset, cleaning it out and stocking it up with intention. I have to take a photo for public consumption, don’t I, and we can’t have it looking like a dogs breakfast.

I love too, the way each post is building up a picture of the way our life ebbs and flows, how we tweak our routines and how we live and move in this space. Mum life, especially stay-at-home mum life, is so much of the same-old-same-old, that it’s easy to miss the little changes. By documenting just this one small slice of my days, I can see the changes and the way we continue to adapt our routines to suit life right now.

A new addition to the trolley this month is some table top games; just quick and easy ones. Every now and then we grab one out after dinner, and those are my favourite evenings, but until now it’s been quite ad hoc. Over the weekend, I got the children to pick one game each to pop on the trolley, so the games are right there in easy reach, ready for after-dinner play. As my projects have changed and moved in and out of the trolley, space has opened up on the middle shelf, and it’s become a place to corral our library books. Coming into winter I will likely add some extra yarn crafts and that space will change again, but for now that works.

On the trolley this month, we have:

-my morning basket, rescued from the depths of the container, holding my writing book, my current devotional study booklet, often my day book and creative commonplace book, a mini journal for My Illustrated Life that I’m hoping to kick off again, an A7 sketch book to encourage morning sketches again, and my school table knitting project.
-a new cross stitch project** for Butterfly’s bedroom
-my iPad, hoping to take on a mindful doodle challenge this month (yet to start, so who knows how that will go)
-a book from my TBR for when I’m up to date with my library app loans, or just want a physical book instead of my kindle or an app
-two gardening books; a flower one for me to start planning for winter prep ready for spring flowers, and a veggie garden one for the mister
-games – Happy Little Dinosaurs** and Saboteur**

Library books including mine – a book on weaving, two on spinning, and this months non-fiction read, The Warden Case. We’ve been playing a lot of Botany which involves a Warden case, and I couldn’t resist when I saw this one at the library.

My mandala blanket is taking up a whoooole shelf, between the blanket and the bag of yarn! I am contemplating making a custom bag designed to fit neatly in that shelf, or even a pair of bags, to tidy it up a little? Not sure. Let’s see how I go with the rest of the projects on the hop this month!

Meanwhile, over in the craft room, my inspo board has had a tidy up and refresh as well.

I’ve taken out some old challenges and prompt lists, and added the Messy May list. There’s a scrap of paper turned photo tracker to catch up on my photo a day project, and a postcard received from a swap. A feather from my baby, and flowers from a friend, and scraps from the making of that collage that make me happy have found a place on the board as well, and a lellow flower from my baby drying on my desk. The scrap bowl is overflowing, but I can’t quite bring myself to start culling. It’s an ever evolving display, and it’s such a delight to have watching over me as I work away on my desk.

With the monthly reset done, it’s time to dive in and make allll the things. My photo a day and card a day projects need keeping up with, and I seem to keep collecting other projects to work on daily as I go. We’ve been powering through school this morning so I might get time this afternoon to play in my craft room, or hopefully at the very least start dumping some of the million and one inspo bunnies swirling around my brain, out of my head and onto a page. After a rainy weekend the sun is out and I’m feeling all the mojo – if only there wasn’t quite so much adulting to do as well! Have a wonderful Monday, friends; what does your May agenda look like?

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      Thanks for sharing this idea, I need to do more with my trolley than use it as a miscellaneous container.

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        It’s easy to fall into that trap, isn’t it? I hope a good clean out and reset gets you all inspired, I’d love to see what you decide to put in yours!

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