one. little. word.

I’ve heard of the concept of One Little Word the last couple of years. Around September, I started thinking about having One Little Word for 2013. I could feel a word tickling the edges of my mind, just out of reach. The outcomes I was hoping for, clearer than the word to describe the path I needed to walk.

Then last week, it was there. One Little Word. I tumbled it around for a bit, thinking about how it fitted with what I wanted from 2013. And, it seems, the word did in fact choose me.


Intent. More than a New Years resolution, a change in mindset. In 2013, I want to act with intent.

I want to craft with intent. Using stash before cash. Not buying craft stuff because I might use it one day. Buy with purpose. Finish a WIP before starting a new one. Explore crafts I already have. Learn and improve my skills.

I want to blog with intent. Posting with purpose. Setting aside a time for blogging/commenting/linky parties, and sticking to the time limit. I have signed out of my main bloglines, and created a second, daily, bloglines account for the blogs that I read everyday, without having to see the masses and masses of unread posts on blogs I love to follow but don’t have time to read.

I want to read with intent. Books that interest me, challenge me, offer me something. Not just an easy read to hit a target. Favourites to re-read is ok. Reading trash is not.

I want to write with intent. My revised L&P target is 15,000 words. I’m halfway there, and want to see it through this year. Just a rough draft, but a finish rough draft. I need to work with intent, to improve my weak areas *cough*dialogue*cough* that I stick on, and let it stop me.

And the rest of my new year’s lifestyle changes, all come back to using time and resources with intent. Every minute is precious. Every minute has to count. 2013 is going to be a big one, and it’s going to be the best yet.

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