…quilt camp gifties – what I received…

A tradition that started way back at our first camp in 2011, was that of the quilt camp gifty. It was originally a bit like a secret Santa, as we first were going on camp in November, and now we’ve moved camp to October, we continue on just for the fun of it.

The rules are simple. Keep it around the $5 mark. Handmade or bought, whatever’s easiest. It can a reference to an in joke or it can be something the person would like or it can be “I ran out of time so here’s some gravy I bought on the way in” (don’t ask about the gravy). Super low stress…and super fun!


This year we got lots of fab goodies:
From Alley, I got a cute mug and notebook (because you can never have enough of either of those!)


From AJ, a pack of Freddo Frogs, for the midnight nom run


From Bec, two awesome pins that crack me up


From Car, a hand painted pencil case filled with camp survival essentials


From Kylie, a mug with camp goodies like choccies and tea and a carrot decoration (don’t ask)


I will share what I made later in the week.

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