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Quilt Camp goodie bags

Quilt Camp goodie bags


It was just past seven, when I kissed my babies goodbye, wished my dad-slash-babysitter good luck, and headed north through the still-misty countryside. A few hours and a coffee stop later, I was turning off the highway and into the edges of the National Park.CAMP

This year, I was the first to arrive by around 45 minutes, which gave me a chance to snaffle prime position for both bed and work table, and get hooked in. I had taken my 2012 BOM Quilt to work on, and had one block knocked out by the time the next group of crazies, I mean, my friends, arrived, and the shenanigans were on like Donkey Kong.

One of our annual camp traditions is the gift bag. This started with our very first camp, when we went in November and there was a Christmas themed dinner, and the host suggested we make like to exchange presents. Since then, we have done a goodie bag each year, with the only stipulation is the spending limit of $5. Everything else is up to the gifter. I will share what I made later in the week, but today I wanted to share the epic amount of goodness that had my bag bursting at the seams.

Our camp bags were a gift from Car last year, complete with personalised gelli print panel, and were all brought back to camp this year ready to hold another haul.
LWD-8232-001And what a haul it was! From Alley, was a cute pencil case full of cute stationery, a tin of bikkies and a Quilt Camp photo frame. Amanda gave us a bag with choccies, a stamp, scissors & bath salts, which go perfectly with Car’s gift of crochet facewashers, lotion bars and candles. Kirsty gave us a cute little thread catcher, from Bec was the cute little cross-stitch kit, a funky pen & some post-its, and Kylie the bookworm provided a new book and bookmark.

I had, as always, the best weekend. I got so much done (another post I plan on sharing this week), laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe thanks to Kylie’s game of Cards Against Humanity, and just generally enjoyed the heck out of myself. Love these girls so much, we need to do it again soon!


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