With Bear at school, has come the usual flurry of events, including multiple dress-up days. The first one was nursery rhyme day, and the boy wanted to be Humpty Dumpty. Ah-ha, said I, thinking a white bowl on his head, some yellow face paint, and he can be a post-Wall Humpty. Nope. “I want to be a Humpty Dumpty with NO cracks, mummy, not a broken Humpty Dumpty”, so after hot glueing foam and fabric for a week, off he trundled to school wearing a Humpty Dumpty egg, and a box wall.

And then it started. Dinosaur obsessed Boy2 “mummy, can you make me a DINOSAUR costume, PWWWWEEEEEAAAASSSSE??? So I can be a Twanisauwas Wex, and go RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR and be scary?” And so I promised him we would make it one. But of course, the days slipped by, and a few weeks later, there was a tug on my leg, 2.30pm, and they was Boy2, batting those baby blues at me. “You pwomised to make a DINOSAUR costume, mummy. PWEASE!”. I had the basic idea in mind, so with a green fat quarter, a piece of leftover foam camping mat, and a needle and thread, we set to work, and not 10 minutes later, he was chuffed, and proudly wore it all the way on our walk to school. I did later come in and machine stitch over my quicky hand sewing, but even allowing for machine time, this was seriously in the “under 15 minutes mega bang for buck” category! It’s more Stegosaurus than Tyrannosaurus, but the boy is happy, so we’ll leave the technical terms for the paleontologists!

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