scrap collage

Before we went away, I was working on a project using the vibrant and very pretty Notting Hill range, and as I sewed and pressed and trimmed, a little pile of scraps slowly grew on one side of my workspace. The skinny little pieces twisted and layered to create a fabulous riot of colour, that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away.

Which got the wheels turning and an idea slowly formed. A couple of weeks ago Miss Butterfly was asking to do some craft, so we parked ourselves on the studio floor and got set up. Paper and paint for her, fabric, glue and canvas paper for me.


I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and it was surprising how little it required from my small bowl of offcuts, so I think it’s something I’ll try again, maybe see what a more ordered approach then “add glue and layer random bits down” yields. And I think working from the outside in will make for a neater finish too.

Today it’s just me and the crew. Mr Dove is back to work after a week at home taking turns snuggling the Beetle Baby and wrangling the other three small people. I have mojo coming out my ears but no time to do anything about it. Maybe naptime today might be kind to me. Bear with me as I adjust to this whole mama-of-four gig, hopefully we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled crafting and blogging soon!!

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