september sort-it.

Car started it. Then AJ joined her. So I’m in too – I’m following the crowd for Tamar’s “Sort It September”

30 things I want to get sorted in September:

1. Transfer old bills/bank statements etc into yearly binders

2. Get shredding up to date

3. Paint new art cupboard

4. Transfer fabric into new art cupboard

5. And scrapping stuff

6. And art supplies

7. Get large infrequently used items out of studio and into attic

8. Clean out hall stand table

9. Sort through Butterfly’s clothes and store/sell/donate old stuff.

10. Ditto for Bear

11. And Boy2

12. Sort through children’s craft boxes and possibly find new storage

13. Sort through my clothes and sell/donate unwanteds.

14. Sort through my makeup/creams etc and turf excess

15. Make bags for Lego storage and sort it out

16. Try not Togo insane dealing with item 15

17. Organize sheets to sets to store inside pillow cases

18. Tidy the rest of the linen cupboard

19. Cut up items in rag bin into useable rags

20. Clear exterior of laundry corner table

21. Clear/tidy/organize laundry table drawer

22. Tidy attic

23. Think about sorting through baby clothes to sell/donate/pass on

24. Clear random items off bookshelf

25. Create a “rehoming” basket for bookshelf/upstairs area

26. Clear entertainment unit drawers

27. Tidy “that” corner and price floor lamps

28. Tidy and reorganize pantry

29. Clear top shelf of pantry

30. Deal with under sink area


Between this and the Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge, it’s going to be a busy month!

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