Sew Your Stash Thin.

The intrepid AJ is at it again!


I think we have Ads to blame, really, for asking what the 2013 challenge was to be, after the wrap-up of AJ’s 12 WIPS in 2012 challenge. And so the Sew Your Stash Thin 2013 challenge was born. You can read the rules over at AJs blog, but the basic premise is using more than you buy.

So far, I’ve used approximately 1 fat quarters worth of scraps to make a softy (more on that later), but then the vagaries of international post screwed me over with the delivery of 2 yards orange fabric to finish a WIP from quilt camp. Drats. But then AJ assured me said WIP would count as an out, and with the backing waiting in a drawer, and the rest of the top together, the delivery to get at least half used for borders and binding, well, I wasn’t complaining.

So. As at January 5:

In: 8 FQ
Out: 1 FQ
Change: +7

Not bad, but not brilliant. Time to get cracking on the orange quilt and tip the scales in my favour, it seems!

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